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  • 24' x 10' LED Display Board
  • Located at Boji Junction in Milford (right along Highway 71)
  • Over 12,500 Vehicles Pass by Daily
  • 8 mm Board Provides Excellent Digital Clarity
  • 2-Sided Each Face Sold Separately
  • Each Static Ad Displays for 8 Seconds per Clip
  • 15 Tenants Per Side = 30 Spots for Rent
  • Each Add Shown Once Every 2 Minutes
  • Ads Viewed 720 times/day or Over 21,000 times/month Minimum

Month (4 weeks)

  • If you are submiting your own graphic, please ensure it meets the specifications below and send them to 

    - JPEG 920 pixels wide by 400 pixels high

    - 1900 DPI resolution recommended

    If you are requesting design assistance from our graphic designer, please provide as many details as possible.  We will work hard to get your ad just right!

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